10+ BEST DTV Reception Signal Maps


News, Tips & Tricks10+ BEST DTV Reception Signal Maps

FREE online DTV reception map tools:


Q: What to look for in the map results

For an indoor antenna, the number of broadcast towers <35 miles away. These channels will likely be shown in green/strong signal. If your in/near a city, 30+ channels is not unheard of with an indoor antenna.   

Q:  Do indoor antennas work?

Yes. Indoor antennas do work and are best for stations < 35miles away.  Outdoor antennas can get broadcast signals from 55-60 miles away. There are no 100+ mile indoor antennas.

Q: Is there any difference between old rabbit ears and a HDTV antenna?

Not really. Just marketing. By calling rabbit ears a HDTV antenna, it sells better. It makes people to believe they must buy an HDTV model or HDTV optimized antenna to watch HDTV broadcasts. 

Q:  Can I build my own antenna?

Yes. Stick to proven online designs such as the Gray-Hoverman, pennyloop, stealth hawk, bowtie, etc. These simple DIY antennas have been designed with the proper calculated loop and bar lengths. 

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