Tip&Tricks: Custom LAUNCHER MANAGER (Android TV)

Android TV still allows 3rd party apps to customize the Home screen.

Tip&Tricks:  Custom LAUNCHER MANAGER (Android TV)

Want a simple, clean Home screen with only the apps & channels you want? 
Android TV still allows for a custom Home screen using 3rd party apps. 

WHAT IS REQUIRED:  There are several.  We like Launcher Manager and FLauncher.

  • Launcher Manager apk available at XDA-Developers.   Downloader code: 693126
  • Our favorite:  Flauncher.  Available in Google Play.

SKILL LEVEL:  Easy.  No rooting required! Simple developer 3rd party apk install.
Questions? Newbie? No ideal how this works. but want to try?  Feel free to ask the basic questions in our just for newbie forums.  

Launcher Manager 1.0.4 (ATV)

Official Source:  XDA-Developers

Short Link for Downloader Launcher Manager 1.0.4 (ATV) https://bit.ly/SWLMA104
Downloader Code: 693126

Verified working as of 9.22.22.

1. Download Launcher Manager by clicking or by using short link and install on your AndroidTV. (Latest: 1.0.4)
​ 2. Install a Custom Launcher and then open Launcher Manager.
3. To Enable Custom Launcher, Click on "Enable Custom Launcher".
​ 4. Press [Home] to open your custom launcher.​

STEPS TO GO STOCK: Click on "Disable Custom Launcher", press Home.


Q:  How do I get launcher Manager apk onto my Android TV
A:  Use YOUR favorite file manager on AndroidTV:  TV File Commander, X-plorer.  

Q:  What Launcher do you recommend?
A:  FLauncher - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.efesser.flauncher