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Online TV Antenna Map by Zip Code

A few of the popular DTV Reception Maps. Check for the DTV signals that are available at your location. You may be surprised what is available in your area for FREE.

FREE online mapping tools: (search by zipcode)


If your locals are <35miles from your house, a low-cost indoor antenna *MAY* work. I get 26 channels that includes all the major networks with a ~$50 Mohu flat antenna mounted in the window. A $50 investment and a 10 minute install. Done.

Is a flat indoor antenna the best? No.  
Will a flat antenna work? Yes.  For some.
Was it easy to install?  Yes. 
Do I care I didn't get the 2 channels that was in my reception map report?  No.
Will I upgrade to an outdoor antenna? No need.

What online websites for DTV reception maps over-the-air local channels?

Some online websites that provide DTV (Digital TV) reception maps for over-the-air local channels include:

  1. AntennaWeb: AntennaWeb is a resource provided by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). It offers an address-based DTV reception map to help users find available channels and the type of antenna they might need for optimal reception.
  2. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Reception Map: The FCC provides a DTV reception map where users can search for TV stations by entering their location and getting a list of available channels and their signal strengths.
  3. NoCable: NoCable offers an interactive TV signal locator that provides information on available channels and signal strengths based on the user’s address.
  4. RabbitEars: RabbitEars provides an advanced search feature that allows users to find TV stations and translators in their area, along with signal details and coverage maps.

Source: This information was generated by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5

Rabbit Ears reception map
reception map from Rabbit Ears

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