How to Watch MeTV for FREE (& LEGAL)

How to Watch MeTV for FREE without cable on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, & Mobile.

How to Watch MeTV for FREE (& LEGAL)

 As many are finding today,  Free2View had an in-channel announcement and was reposted in many Facebook Groups such as - Roku Tips

"Free2View no longer has the ability to provide channels from Weigel Broadcasting, which includes MeTV, Heroes & icons, Decades, Movies!, and Start TV.  These channels have been removed from the Free2View Select Roku app."

Are there still FREE (& LEGAL) ways still to watch Me-TV?  YES.👍

  • Over-the-Air (if available).  Check your area  for any MeTV stations.
  • LocalBTV app (if your in one of the 22 markets offering MeTV)
    • Very possible LOCAL BTV has also lost access to these channels.
  • Me-TV app offers live streaming in available markets
    • Confirmed that live stream option does exist in some markets.
    • Watch AntennaMan video below starting at :45
    • TIP:  Cast-to-TV  using apple airplay or other favorite cast app.
  • Always a 7-Day FREE Trial to Frndly TV.

If you see MeTV on LocalBTV or a live stream available on the app, comment below.