Free Over-the-Air with an Antenna

Check by zipcode for channels in your area.  If any within 30miles, try an indoor antenna. You may be surprised.

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Will a simple rabbit ear antenna work?  Yes.
Do indoor flat antennas work? Yes.
What about the make-your-own antennas?  Do it for fun. I spent more money buying copper, cable, connectors to build one ugly stick.  Performed no better than my Mohu flat for channels less than 30 miles away.

What antenna(s) do I recommend?  Stuck a Mohu flat on the wall. Scanned 30 channels.   Done.  I have all my local networks and more.  Have not touched it for a few years now.

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Q: What TV channels are in my area? A: Use the FREE online reception map tools below. Enter your zipcode. Q: What antenna do you recommend? A: Research Mohu, Antenna Direct, Winegard. Stay away from the no-name China junk.  No better than using a coat hanger.  …