DIY Gray-Hoverman Indoor Antenna

diy hoverman antenna rev0An easy to build Gray Hoverman HDTV antenna

Frequently mentioned in many of the amateur, hobby, expert  Radio & TV forums/groups.  Many have built on the original patent expired design.

Doyt R. Hoverman received patents US2918672A and US3148371A for UHF television antenna design.  These patents have now expired.

diy hoverman antenna rev0

Some designs use 7″, 5 1/2″,  5″ for the horizontal lengths.  I just went with 5″.  Works fine.   You can tweak/optimize the lengths for the channels in your area using an online calculator.


  • 10 ft of copper, aluminum, coat hanger wire.
    • 12 gauge.  Thicker the better (6-10 gauge)
  • Matching transformer.  Recommended.
  • washers, screws

OPTIONAL: (recommended for weak VHF channels)

By adding some additional elements called NARODs  you can also receive VHF band. (Gray Hoverman VHF Fix)

2 – ~ 30″ bars of copper, aluminum, steel placed 1/4″ from top and bottom of the Hoverman antenna.

Just place top bars 1/4 away from the 5″ tops.  Use a spacer and electrical tape.  Not electrically connected.
How does it work if not connected?  Some type of induction

Directions: (Skill level:  EASY to HARD)

tipKeep it simple stupid (K.I.S.S) applies. Just get the bends, lengths, spacing correct.
No need to go with some of the complex fractal Hoverman designs.

100’s of videos on YouTube covering every conceivable design, construction, modification.  Of course, every single one claims his or hers is the best. ????

Top Pick Websites:

DIY Gray-Hoverman YouTube Video Playlist:

My Build & Results:

  • I wrapped hobby copper wire around ends and soldered for a sharp bend.  No need to do this.
    • Pliers will work fine.

DIY hoverman buildangle bend

Optional:  Top bars added.  1/4 spacer between antenna and bars (not electrically connected).
Did get an extra bar of signal strength on VHF channels.

hoverman build w topbars

Channels Scanned: 33. Most ever scanned on any DIY or store bought antenna.  Typically see 23.


Q: Do I need a reflector?
A: No. However, a reflector will help with performance for those  towers >20miles.   I don’t have one and all my channels I want (abc, cbs, nbc, fox, CW, Comet) have a solid signal. No need to waste time/spend money to get those 1 or 2 channels I will never watch.

Q: Do I need to use copper wire?
A: No.  Copper is best.  Thicker gauge wire is also better.  Aluminum hobby wire (12gauge/100′ for $10) is cheaper and works just fine for a cheap DIY indoor antenna.  Coat hanger wire also works if that is all you have.

Q: Do I need an amplifier?

A:  NO. All the DIY indoor antennas we share are for broadcast towers <20 miles and coax lengths to TV of <15 feet.  Save the money or buy a good outdoor antenna.  They won’t boost an already poor or weak TV signal received by the antenna, into a good reliable signal. Your just amplifying noise. An amplifier can overboost already received strong signals and cause other issues.

A: HOWEVER, if your cable run is >15 feet or using splitters, an amplifier can overcome line losses.