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diyantennaDIY indoor Antenna Projects

A simple $5 DIY antenna performs can work. I receive all 26 channels in my area with a simple DIY design. No need to spend $$$ on a store bought unless I want it to look better. I’m fine hiding it behind the curtain/tv.

TipThere is no such thing as a HDTV antenna. The old rabbit ear antenna will work.
For a DIY stick to the basic designs, fractal antennas can get complicated with the bends.

Is an indoor DIY Antenna right for everyone?

No. Your results will vary depending on where you live in proximity to the local channel towers. All 26 of my channels are within 25 miles of my house. An indoor unamplieified DIY is all I needed. No amplifier as my coax length is only 6′. If a DIY does work. Great. Money saved.

What are the best designs?

In my situation, simpler was better. The Pennyloop, StealthHawk and Bowtie designs work as good as any fractal or any complex, time-consuming build.

Additional TIPS:

  • Nothing fancy. A simple proven DIY antenna design works for a basic indoor antenna.
  • Copper worked best, but metal coat hangers will work.
  • Bend to proper lengths for best reception.
  • Keep your RG6 coax cable length from antenna to tv as short as possible. (<15′).
  • Except for the 75 Ohm to 300 Ohm Balun, parts can be found at local hardware store.
    • Balun can be found cheap on Amazon. You may even have one from long ago in a drawer.

copper wire 800 stealth hawk picpennyloop DIY


Quick DIY Antenna Projects

DIY TV Antenna – How to Custom Build TV Antenna

For those that are curious about calculating wire lengths for specific channels. Most can skip this and go with a simple DIY design with calculated lengths for best reception for most viewers.

Learn how to custom build a your TV antenna for that “hard to get” station. Fractal Bowtie design is used to demonstrate how you can custom build your TV antenna depending on the frequency.

Answer: YES.