Stealth Hawk | TOP DIY Antenna

stealthhawk rev0A home-built OTA antenna that is small and simple. Save a few $$$ by building your own DIY Stealth Hawk.

The StealthHawk is my favorite 1st DIY antenna. Easiest build with solid channels. Done in 5 minutes. Saved a ton of $$$. Comparable to any $50 indoor antenna.

 The DIY Gray-Hoverman is better, but takes more time & materials to build.  How much better?  4-5 bars of signal strength on the Gray-Hoverman vs. 3-4 bars on StealthHawk.  


DIY YouTube Videos:

My Build:

 Skill Level: Easy. Cut and bend copper wire.  Results: As good as any of the $50 store bought indoor flat antenna

Time: <1hr

  • 5′ (60″) of wire (6-12 gauge). Copper, steel, aluminum. Thicker the better!
    • Bare copper at [Lowes @ .99/ft].
    • Aluminum wire at hardware, hobby, Amazon
    • Steel coat hanger is ~12 gauge wire
  • 75 to 300 Ohm UHF/VHF Matching Transformer. [5 pack for $4.99]
    • Optional, as I have seen some forums say you can just splice coax end for minimal signal loss.
  • 6′ of RG6 coax cable. Keep is short to 6′ or 15′. Longer lengths = signal loss.
  • Scrap wood. Screws, Washers for mounting.


  1. Cut a 60″ length of copper, aluminum, steel wire.
  2. Bend to shape with hands, pliers. I soldered for a more clean sharp angle look.
  3. Connect. Scan. DONE! Enjoy FREE TV.
  • optional solder method:
    • I cut the straight lengths, wrapped thin copper hobby wire and soldered the ends.
    • Do whatever works for you to get the proper lengths/bends. ????
Quick Build. Ugly, but works fine
TipYour DIY antenna mount does not need to be elaborate. Get the bends/lengths right). Attach the wires and mount indoors (Outdoors will need proper grounding as it will be a lightning rod).