Don’t get Scammed! $30 HDTV antennas are $1-10 on Alibaba.

clearstreamHuge selling opportunity! on “HDTV” antennas

Buy “HDTV” antennas on Alibaba for $1-10/100 pieces, sell on Ebay, Amazon for a 1000% markup.  Get some YouTuber to do a PRO Review.  PROFIT.

The basic Rabbit Ear antenna selling for $10 in USA can be bought for $1-2 in quantity from a Chinese distributor. NICE!

Example 1

The one “HDTV” toy antenna I see everywhere.  I bought it out of curiosity.  A “My First TOY Antenna” for 1-3 year olds.

on Amazon: $40onAmazon
 Actual Price: ~$15 HDTV 900 Alibaba

Am I wrong?  Just go on and search for hdtv antenna.  You too can rip people off. Invest in a few 100.  Open an Ebay store.  Sell at a markup.

Example 2

Flat antennas have even a better markup!

On  Buy in quantity for $1-3. Sell on Ebay for $10-15.

indoor flat

Resell on Ebay for $10-15.

on ebay

Now you got to ask?

Are the reputable companies selling flat antennas for $30-50 getting getting the same deal from CHINA?
Answer:  Yep.