Over-the-Air TV

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As a cord-saver (I have not cut cable completely), the 1TB bandwidth data cap will be an issue in the near future. No SlingTV and the lowest Netflix SD plan, my data useage is nearing 1TB/mo.

The 1TB data cap is becoming the norm

How can I keep it below 1TB without incurring additional charges?

  • Use an over-the-air antenna, if available, instead of streaming local channels.
    • May be surprised by the number and quality of channels available
  • Buy or even build your antenna.  FREE plans are available online

Today, over-the-air TV is not a step backwards to what your grandparents had.   We have many more networks with HDTV picture quality.  But, today we deal with pixelation instead of snow when channel strength is low.

Since June 12, 2009, all over-the-air TV broadcasts are broadcasting in digital. HDTV broadcast quality is often superior to the quality of the same HD programs received through cable.

What about the future of TV? ATSC 3.0 is coming.

Check reception maps for available local channels in your area by zipcode.

Buy/Build a low-cost HDTV antenna

BUY (more info)

Build Your Own (more info)

Forums: (yes, the science/knowledge can get deep)
Here at StreamFREE.TV we slap an antenna on the wall, scan the channels and call it good.  For those that need to “tweak”, we recommend hobby/professional forums.

TipAn indoor low-cost flat antenna is probably sufficient to pick up strong (within 35mi) stations.

The average homeowner/DIY’er should have no problem receiving strong (green marked) stations with an inexpensive flat antenna. Flat antennas can be easily be positioned on the wall/window to find that “SWEET SPOT” or even hide from view. I have found a few inches in positioning can make all the difference.