Pluto TV Holiday Channels have arrived | FREE to Watch

Tis the Season! Now Live.


9 NEW Pluto TV Holiday Channels are NOW LIVE!

Where to Watch (w/direct links)

Get into the holiday spirit with your favorite Lifetime Holiday Movies. It’s the channel that keeps on giving.

Home to a curated selection of movies, series, and specials from the Hallmark library, Hallmark Movies & More delivers on the networks’ signature brand of feel-good, original entertainment.

Vevo Holiday – Current and classic videos to help you celebrate the season.

Watch family-friendly movies and specials that will fill you with the Christmas spirit for the entire holiday season.

During the holidays, there’s nothing like gathering with your loved ones to sing songs around the fire.

There’s something about the natural sounds of a roaring fire that make the holidays feel cozy.

Get into the spirit of the season by filling your screen with the very best displays of Christmas lights and decorations accompanied by delightful holiday music.

Your home for holiday cooking all month long. Stews, breads, cakes, and more to keep your bellies full and your spirits high through the month of December.

The best Christmas and holiday specials are now in one place: Cine navideño. Gather the whole family and discover the best gift this holiday season in Cine navideño.

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