Puffer is a Stanford University research project to improve video-streaming technology. You can help by watching TV on Puffer website. There’s no charge.
USA only.

Where to Watch

TipUse Silk browser on FireTV

Puffer works well in the Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers, on a computer or an Android phone or tablet. Puffer does not work on iPhones or iPads or in the Safari browser.

Terms of Participation:

  • The Study You are invited to participate in an academic research study on improving the algorithms used for data transmission and video streaming over the Internet (the “Study”).
  • The Website will stream live broadcast signals that the Stanford research team receives from our local digital antenna in Stanford, CA, to the study participants without any modification whatsoever to the programing content.
  • We expect each participant to stream video from the Website for several hours each week.

What is Puffer?

Puffer is a Stanford University research study about using machine learning to improve video-streaming algorithms that reduce glitches and stalls in streaming video (especially over wireless networks and those with limited capacity, such as in rural areas), improve picture quality, and predict how the capacity of an Internet connection will change over time.

What channels can I watch?

Puffer re-transmits free over-the-air broadcast television signals received by an antenna located on the campus of Stanford University. At the moment, we are re-transmitting local affiliates or owned stations of CBS (KPIX 5), NBC (KNTV 11), ABC (KGO 7), FOX (KTVU 2), PBS (KQED 9), and Univision (KDTV 14).

Do I have to pay?

No, there is no charge to participate. Puffer is an academic project at Stanford University and is entirely non-profit.

Which Devices Work With Puffer

This will only work with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, on Mac/Windows/Linux computers and on Android phones and tablets. And Safari web browser on will not work. Because it does not have the required standard for live video streaming.

Requirements To Participate

Nothing, just watch the Free Live TV channels on your Mac/PC or Android Devices. Because they only collect information from your browser as you watch TV. So No surveys or other questions. Because Stanford needed to offer something enticing to get people to sign-up and participate in this project. And Free Live TV is pretty enticing.