Q: Does the link to open a Roku account without a credit card still work? A: YES

A :  YES.  as of 17Oct20.

A:   ROKU DOES NOT CHARGE for activation or support, but they do ask for a credit card to be on file during  new  account creation for FUTURE purchases. (see screenshot below)

NOCC Roku Link

➡️  https://my.roku.com/signup/nocc

This link allows you to bypass the enter credit card information screen during account creation.   Not going to the link active  due to FAKE tech support and activation online scams.  However, do note this is an actual roku domain url.  I used it years ago when setting up my Roku(s) and till works today.  Unless I hear otherwise.  CONTACT ME.

 Roku® does not require an activation fee, registration fee, or charge for support of any kind. 

There is NO FEE for setup. NO $100 charge to activate a Roku.  If someone asks, RUN.

However, when opening a new account on the OFFICIAL Roku . com site. A screen DOES ask for a credit card to be on file.  Again, there is no charge.  This is only for the ease of future purchases.

Why is a payment method required when creating a Roku account?  (Source:  Roku Support)

 Note: There is NEVER a charge to create a Roku account.  You need to link a payment method to your Roku account to set up Roku Pay. Roku Pay allows you to purchase subscriptions for channels and services available through the Channel Store, add Premium Subscriptions on The Roku Channel, rent or buy movies and TV shows, and purchase Roku device upgrades, offers, and accessories.

Roku really does not answer why to this support question.  They say you need to link a payment method.  The real reason is Roku asks for payment information is to make it easier for purchases or subscriptions directly from their Roku device.  In other words,  make $$$. It’s business.  I understand the reasoning and glad they still do provide an alternate link for those that really do not have a credit card or want their credit card anywhere online.

If you do use the above nocc link, you bypass the  set up roku pay screen and go directly into your new account.  Otherwise, the normal route you get the below screen with no option to skip.  However once you get into your account you should still be able to delete the credit card on file.  I removed my credit card years ago.  Still believe this option exists without having to “talk” to customer service.

Normal NEW account creation screen. Unfortunately, there was once a little itty bitty link to “Skip I’ll add it later”.  And … That’s gone.

OLD Skip I’ll add it later screen.

Old screenshot of skip payment

CURRENT Account creation screen

roku credit card on file

Current account creation screen



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