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What are “Private | Non-Certified Channels”?

Roku does not review or approve private channels. So why would a developer choose to release a channel as a private channel instead of submitting it to the Roku Channel Store? A few reasons:

  • The channel isn’t ready for the Roku Channel Store. Developers use private channels to test their apps during the development process.
  • The channel contains content not appropriate for the Roku Channel Store. An adult-oriented channel is a good example of a channel that Roku would not publish publicly.
  • The channel contains content that is confidential or intended for members or employees in a specific group or company. For example, a company might develop a channel that contains training videos for franchisees.

Where can I find top Roku Private Channels?

We have been indexing Roku private channels since 2012. Our index continues to be updated.  All of our listings are submitted by developers or can be found from public/social announcements on the web.

Are there Adult Roku Private Channels?

Currently, there is no adult content available in the Roku Channel Store.  However, some private channels may contain adult content.   Private channels can only be added to your Roku player with a code from the channel developer using your account login information. Rest assured you are always in control over what kind of content appears on your player. Source: Roku.com

  • Many of the leading adult entertainment publishers have published official Roku Adult channels.

Install a private code, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Roku account at my.roku.com and select “Add a private channel”.


  • Enter the code you received from the channel developer. Or, from our index of Roku private  codes
  • Within 24 hours the channel will appear on your Roku player’s home screen and to “My Channels” in the Roku Channel Store. (to sync immediately, on your Roku player go to Settings>System>System update>Check now)
  • Note: Some channels may require an additional subscription to use. Fees may apply, check with the channel developer for more information.

TipTo sync immediately, on your Roku player go to Settings>System>System update>Check now

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