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November 2020

endlesspodcastsEndless Podcast [code:  itpc ]

ITunes Podcasts is now Endless Podcasts. Rebuilt from the ground up with a new look and new features. Over the next few weeks will be tweaking and would love to hear feedback. As a thank you to early adopters and beta testers, anyone that has installed and used the app prior to it becoming public will continue to be able to enjoy the app FREE of charge. Enjoy!

Developer: theEndless

Non-Certified Channels on Roku

Non-Certified Channels on Roku

The Dwellings TVThe Dwellings TVLive, Local TV via Internet. 18 Channnels of over-the-air tv delviered via internet to your device. No antenna needed.2TJ6VL9Details
endlesspodcastsEndless PodcastITunes Podcasts is now Endless Podcasts.itpc
airytvAiry.TVAiry TV is the entertainment destination for watching 100% Free TV, Movies, Comedy, Anime, Sports, all your entertainment in one place. Free TV made simple.XDTHQLV
twokuTwokuAn Improvable™ Twitch app for Roku.twoku
f2vtvFree2View TV ProjectSelect channels from Free2View TV are now available on ALL Roku devices!6DRC595

Listed below are no longer available on Roku. No channel code exists.


nowhere tvNowhere TV [MIA/RIP early 2019] One of the best & first non-certified/private channels on Roku. Nowhereman Roku developer had a number of channels. The nowhereman website is gone as are his channels.


m3u blackM3U Black [RIP Jan 2018]

Built for parsing RSS/M3u feeds without ADS. A public “ad-infested” red iptv player channel was approved for the public channelstore. When Roku removed the public channel for guideline issues, the private channel was removed by the developer.

Q: Do we have the source code for any of these channels? On GitHub?
A: No.

Q: What are non-certified channels? How to +ADD?

A: For channel developers to beta test their channel to a limited audience. Developers should not attempt to grow their audience or promote their channel until after it has been made public.

Non-Certified channels can only be installed on a Roku device by using the channel’s dedicated access code (e.g. “FG324”) provided by the developer of the channel, and therefore are not found in the Roku Channel Store. Non-certified channels may be used by channel developers for testing, or to limit access to their channel to a smaller set of our users.  Users should take caution when using non-certified channels. 

Note: We will not list any “questionable” channels. If you find any channel issues, post/share in the comments.

Q: How do I add a non-certified channel to my Roku player?
A: To download and install a non-certified channel:

  1. Go to on your computer or smartphone.
  2. If prompted, sign in to your Roku account.
  3. Under Manage account select Add channel with a code.
  4. Enter the channel access code received from the channel provider and select Add Channel.
  5. Acknowledge the warning message that appears:


roku add channel


Q: How do I “Build a complete Roku channel in 5 minutes or less!”
A: Visit Instant TV Channel for Roku.

Instant TV Channel for Roku
Cloud-Based Roku Channel Production System
Instant TV Channel is a cloud-based tool for Roku developers and content providers that shortens development time and eases maintenance after deployment.
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Only 6. What happened to the huge list of private channels you once had here?


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Where all the adult channels at?


Shut up.


All subsciption so not listed on free tv site.

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