SnagFilms Gone!

SnagFilms shut down its service in April 2020

Since 2008, SnagFilms provided a home to independent filmmakers – for many, the only way their films could be seen.  Unfortunately, SnagFilms is not the only one to have closed their doors.

As we are refreshing our  FREE  Movies & TV listing directories, we are coming across many FREE independent film studios that have shut their doors.  Sad to say, many free channels on the Roku are just gone, abandoned or broken.  SnagFilms was one that caught our eye.  SnagFilms has been around since 2008 and was one of our first listings at StreamFREE.TV.  A popular independent FREE Movie & TV service on the Roku and on the web.

Film fans, please continue to seek out independent film and television – these unique voices are more important than ever.

We will continue to do our part by promoting FREE independent movies & TV in our listings.  If your an independent filmmaker just getting started,  get contact us and get a FREE listing.

If your just starting out in film making with a video podcast, we will be listing those in a new tracking directory.  Viewers can grab your stream feed url.  There are several good podcast apps, Plex for one,  on multiple platforms for viewers to subscribe to your stream.   YouTube is a great platform for starting out on a low budget.

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