StealthHawk Antenna

DIY Stealth Hawk Antenna

A home-built OTA antenna small and simple enough to build.  Save a few $$$ by building your own DIY Stealth Hawk.

Time:  30min – 1hr
Cost:  $5-10

  • 5′ of 6 gauge copper.  $.94/foot at Lowes.
  • 75 to 300 Ohm UHF/VHF Matching Transformer.  On Amazon for <$5.
  • RG6 coax cable.  Antenna to TV.
  • Scrap wood/pipe/PVC.  Screws to mount.

Skill Level:  Easy.  Cut and bend copper wire.
Results:  As good as any $50 indoor flat antenna.

TipYour DIY antenna mount does not need to be elaborate.  Bend the wire.  Attach the wires and mount indoor or outdoors.  If it works, make it pretty later.