StealthHawkAntenna vs. Bowtie vs. Pennyloop Antennas

Stealth Hawk Antenna vs. Bowtie vs. Pennyloop Antennas

3 popular DIY antennas.  Comparable results to small antennas sold as indoor antennas.


The bottom line is that, before you buy any over-the-counter wall-mounted antenna, I would suggest that you test out one of these three antennas first. I would suggest building the Stealth Hawk antenna since it is the simplest to build, needing only one piece of bent wire.

I’ve tested a number of small antennas being sold as indoor antennas.   I find it interesting that when I compare these antennas to my standard bowtie antenna, in my location, they are comparable to the bowtie which can be built for less that $1.


Stealth Hawk


The Stealth Hawk Antenna is made from a single 60” (5’) long piece of wire.




#6 gauge bare copper wire (2 lengths of 28″-28 1/2″)




13 feet of 12 gauge Electrical wire