TOP BEST B-Movie TV on Roku

B-Movie horror, sci-fi classics and more.ย  Stuff on Roku you simply cannot get anywhere else. Many of the channels have their own Fans/Groups to talk B-Movie TV and the films we all love.

B-Movie TV

A live 24/7 Live Streaming Channel featuring B-Movies from the most popular genres. Martial Arts, Horror, Action, & Sci-Fi.

Shockwerks TV

A live 24/7 Streaming channel featuring Horror and Sci-Fi films with movies starting every 2 hours along with original programs.

Beta Max TV

horror shows and weird genre films from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Bizarre TV

A live 24/7 Horror streaming channel with a twist of bizarre stuff. Grindhouse,Horror,Exploitation Films,Vintage Horror Films.

Mascot TV

Mascot is an internet TV channel. We mainly show old (often weird) science fiction and horror movies.

American Horrors

American Horrors is a cutting edge 24/7 uncensored horror channel that plays the finest original in bleeding edge short films, bloody cult feature films, in-house generated content.

The Essential Sci-Fi Channel

Classic Science Fiction favorites including alien invaders, monster movies, space heroes and much more!