YouTube2023 Best Free Horror Apps

2023 Best Free Horror Apps

It's that time of year again for our 2023 Best of Free Horror! šŸ‘¹
Plenty of FREE Horror to watch without spending a dime.
Pluto TV (On-demand, Live)
The Roku Channel

YouTube Horror Channels & Playlists

Kings of Horror
100’s of YouTube Playlists: Search

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FilmRise HorrorRoku, FireTV
Fawesome HorrorRoku, FireTV
American HorrorsRoku
Mutant Sorority PicturesRoku, FireTV
TerrorVision HorrorRoku
ā— The excessive ads may be the scary part to some.

100’s of FREE Full Horror movies on free streaming services and on YouTube. This Sept/Oct save a few $$$. No need for a horror channel subscription.

Tubi Horror
Tubi Horror
šŸ’” Search Tips
Movie Search: ReelGood and JustWatch.  Select horror category.  Free services.

YouTube's search function: Go to YouTube and use the search bar to look for specific horror movie titles or keywords like "full horror movie," "classic horror movie," or "free horror movies."

FREE Horror channels and playlists offering full length horror movies can be found on Youtube, but their availability may vary by region and over time due to licensing agreements and copyright restrictions. Don’t expect Hollywood horror blockbusters as many of these horror movies are from independent filmmakers – the ‘So Bad It’s Good’ Movies.

Are these channels legitimate? Some YouTube channels are authorized to upload full-length movies, including horror movies. Look for channels that have proper licensing agreements, and you can watch movies legally.

Public Domain Movies: Some older horror movies might be in the public domain, which means they are no longer under copyright protection. You can find these films on various channels that specialize in public domain content.

The best selection of fullĀ lengthĀ horrorĀ movies onĀ youtube.
Kings of Horror on YouTube

Comic Nerdz Entertainment

Over a dozen channels of classic superhero action.


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