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Best Free Movie & TV Streaming Services

Pluto TVKanopy
Plex LocalNow Movies
Xumo PlayFilmRise
The Roku ChannelChicken Soup for the Soul
Sling FreestreamFree Movies Plus
Redbox Free… more? Leave a comment below!

There are 1000’s of FREE (& Legal) Movie & TV apps available to watch free on Android TV, AppleTV, FireTv, GoogleTV, Roku, Mobile devices and browsers. Some good, some eh. 99% are ad-infested junk 💩.

Our Mission is to find the free 💎’s and share them.

Why are free streaming services ad-infested?
This information was generated by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5
Free streaming services are often ad-infested for several reasons:

  1. Revenue Generation: Advertisements are the primary source of revenue for free streaming services. These platforms provide content to users at no cost, and they need a way to cover their operational expenses, pay content providers, and generate a profit. Advertising allows them to do this without charging users a subscription fee.
  2. Content Costs: Licensing and acquiring content, especially popular movies and TV shows, can be expensive. Free streaming services use advertising revenue to help offset these costs, making it possible to offer a wide range of content to users without a subscription fee.
  3. Maintaining Free Access: By offering free access to content, streaming services can attract a large user base. This user base is attractive to advertisers who want to reach a broad audience. In turn, advertisers pay for ad placements on the platform, allowing users to continue enjoying free access to content.
  4. Balancing User Experience: While advertisements are a necessary revenue source, streaming services strive to strike a balance between showing ads and providing a reasonable user experience. Too many ads can be disruptive and deter users, so platforms aim to find a balance that keeps users engaged while still generating revenue.
  5. Encouraging Paid Subscriptions: Many free streaming services also offer premium, ad-free subscription tiers. By exposing users to ads in the free version, they hope to entice some users to upgrade to a paid subscription for an ad-free experience. This dual-tier approach allows them to cater to both free and premium users.
  6. Content Variety: Ad-supported free streaming services often provide a wider variety of content genres and choices compared to platforms with only paid subscriptions. This variety can attract a dipreformatted audience, making the platform more attractive to advertisers.
  7. Competing with Paid Services: Free streaming services compete with paid platforms by offering a similar content library at no cost. To do this, they rely on advertising revenue to cover their costs and remain competitive.

It’s essential to remember that the presence of ads in free streaming services is a trade-off for not having to pay a subscription fee. Users who prefer an ad-free experience can often opt for a paid subscription to the same platform or explore premium streaming services that offer a completely ad-free experience.

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