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Xumo Play
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Haystack News
Scripps News
Klowd TV
ABC News Live
CBS News Live
NBC News Now
💡 Looking for your local news?  One suggestion is searching by your local stations call letters (example: WJXT) on Roku.  Many local stations have their channel apps on Roku.
NewsOn on Roku
NewsOn available on Roku

What are the best FREE news streaming apps on Roku?

Here are some of the popular free news channels available on Roku:
Source: This information was generated by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5

  1. Roku Channel: The Roku Channel offers a dedicated news section that provides access to live and on-demand news content from a variety of sources. It includes both local and national news coverage.
  2. Newsy: Newsy is known for its concise news videos with analysis and context on various topics. It provides in-depth reporting and is available on Roku for free.
  3. ABC News: The ABC News channel on Roku provides access to the latest news articles, videos, and live streaming of ABC News broadcasts.
  4. CBS News: The CBS News channel offers news articles, videos, and live streaming from CBSN, CBS’s 24/7 news channel.
  5. NBC News: NBC News provides a channel on Roku that offers news articles, videos, and live streaming of NBC News broadcasts.
  6. Bloomberg TV: Bloomberg TV offers free access to its business and financial news coverage, including live broadcasts and on-demand content.
  7. Cheddar: Cheddar focuses on business and financial news and offers live streaming and on-demand content.
  8. Reuters TV: Reuters TV provides access to global news coverage with video reports, live updates, and on-demand content.
  9. Haystack News: Haystack News is a personalized news aggregator that offers a wide range of news sources and categories, allowing you to customize your news feed.
  10. WeatherNation: While primarily focused on weather, WeatherNation also provides news updates and weather-related news coverage.

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