TOP BEST DIY “HDTV” Antennas | 3 EASY Build Your Own

Stealth Hawk DIY antennaWatch LIVE LOCALS FREE

Indoor antennas can be built for <$10.  Several designs even outperform the store bought antennas.



DIY Antenna Designs

For the beginner (with broadcast towers <20mi.), keep it simple with indoor Pennlyoop, StealthHawk, Bowtie, Gray-Hoverman antenna designs.  With broadcast towers >50mi., complex outdoor antennas will cost more, need proper grounding and expert advice. Well beyond the scope here.
Gray-HovermanGray-HovermanBEST PERFORMANCE. An easy to build DIY Antenna from a now expired patented designDetails
stealthhawk-rev0Stealth HawkThe design is rather straight forward and really, all you need are your hands to bend and shape the copper wire into the design. If this antenna does not work, just bend the coat hanger back into shape. Need just a litte more antenna for those 1 or 2 weak signals? Go with the Gray-Hoverman.Details
coat-hangerBowtie Coat Hanger AntennaBuild your own digital TV antenna from wire hangers and a piece of wood. One ugly antenna that works!Details
pennyloop-picPennyLoopThe Pennyloop UHF antenna offers high performance in a very simple and cost effective design. It is also a very compact design lending itself well to a variety of mounting options and locations inside and outside. ODetails

TipUse proven engineered antenna designs. All the calculations have been done for the best reception.  Coke can, paperclip, random length of wire attached to coax may work for a few channels.

No such thing as a 'HDTV' Antenna
A HDTV antenna is misleading and for marketing only. You don’t need a special kind of TV antenna to receive digital broadcast signals. You can use a TV antenna (ie. rabbit ears) from the 1970s.

We have built many of the DIY designs.  They do work.  If your within <20 miles of your local towers, save a few dollars by building one with available parts around the house.  Consider cost if you need to buy parts (wire, connectors, coax).  Cost can and will quickly exceed the price of a store bought antenna.

Nothing wrong with a store bought antenna from a reputable company.  Your just paying for the pretty plastic housing enclosing a simple DIY antenna.  However, all required parts (connector, cable, etc) are in ONE BOX.

A very simple to build StealthHawk design.  Copper wire is best, but a coat hanger from the closet will work too.

stealth hawk pic