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freenetworkepisodes 1You cut cable for a reason – to save $$$.

Build your own $0 package from the 100’s of FREE (& legal) Movie & TV apps.  Local channels in your area? Build/buy a DIY Antenna for FREE Over-the-Air.

FREE Cord-Cutting Package
ImageServiceDescriptionMore Details
plutotvPluto TVOver 100 live channels and 1000’s of movies in a cable like channel guide.Details
diyantenna-150x150DIY Over-the-Air AntennaCheck the reception maps for local channels, build/buy an antenna for FREE LOCALS.   You may be surprised what is available in your area.Details
tubi-featured-150x150TubiFREE Movie Netflix Alternative: Tubi, Crackle, Popcornflix, TheRokuChannel, PLEX and 100's of indie channels.  Some good.  Some bad.Details
thecw-featured-150x150TheCWGrab those channels not found on PlutoTV to complete a $0 FREE streaming package.  TheCW is one of our favorite picks.  All content is unlocked.  No subscriptions.Details
cwseed-featured-150x150CW SeedFull Network EpisodesDetails
More!100's more Free TV. Free Movie.  Public domain.  Independent studios.  Westerns, Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Documentaries, Podcasts and more.Details


Replace cable with FREE Linear Services

Replace subscription services with FREE NETFLIX Alternatives

Replace cable local channels with an Over-the-Air Antenna

  • Check for local stations in your area using free online reception maps.
  • Build/Buy an antenna.  If your local towers are <25 miles away, a $0 DIY antenna should work.
  • Scan for channels.  Many are surprised by the number of channels in their area.

No over-the-air locals?  FREE streaming apps are available from networks with FULL EPISODES.  No subscriptions.

These FREE (& legal) cable alternatives will get you close to a subscription cable service.  You will have ads.  FREE movies are not recent Hollywood blockbusters as you will find on a subscription service.  As expected, LIVE sporting events will be limited.

For the price, that’s okay for many.