What are Video podcasts โ€” also called videocasts, vidcasts and vodcasts?

Video Podcast Directory

“A vodcast is a podcast that contains video content. The term vodcast comes from the combination of the words “video” and “podcast”. Video podcasts may also be referred to as vidcasts. In order to watch a vodcast, you need a player capable of parsing playlists and playing video (such as playlistplayer).”

How/Where to Watch FREE on Roku:

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Many different LEGAL formats/playlists are available:

  • video on demand (VOD)
  • live streams (NASA, TWiT)
  • Playlists: RSS, m3u, json, itunes, even a simple text file would work
  • Format: mp4, mp3, mkv, ts, HLS, m3u8 and more.

Are RSS/m3u playlists legal? YES, when legal content is accessed from official public & licensed sources.ย  Content for public viewing is available in common playlist formats: RSS/XML/M3U for viewing in 3rd party players.

    • RSS Video Podcasts. CNET, TED Talks, NASA, TWiT legal public video casts.
    • LIVE Streams. NASA, TWiT and others have published public live HLS streams.
    • Check the terms of service of the website for public stream use.
      • “Not to access Content through any technology or means other than the video playback pages of the Website itself.”
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