Vudu FREE Movies, FREE Money

What’s better than FREE MOVIES? 
Answer:  FREE MONEY!

Watching free movies is its own reward – but this month we’re throwing in a little something extra. From now until 9/30/18, we’re giving you a free $1 movie credit every time you watch a movie with Movies On Us, up to $1 per day, $5 total per account.

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How does it work?

Just watch one of our awesome free movies and you’ll get a $1 credit to spend on rentals and purchases.

What are the limits?

Earn $1 movie credit per movie, once per day, for up to $5 total per account.

When can I start?

Right now! You can earn credits from 9/21/18-9/30/18 , and credit codes will be sent out on 10/1/18. After that you”ll have 30 days to redeem your code and, once you’ve redeemed, 30 days to use your credits.