Watch free LIVE TV streams without having to subscribe to a pay IPTV service.

Pluto, YouTube LIVE streams, CometTV, PBS Kids, BloombergTV, SkyNews are a few of many LIVE & LEGAL FREE TV channels that can be watched online or on TV with a streaming device.

Pluto TV has over 100 live channels and 1000’s of movies from the biggest names like: NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, Paramount, and Warner Brothers. Plus get exclusive channels like the Pro Wrestling Channel, Anime All Day, Food TV, and the newest live college sports channel.  All FREE! No Subscriptions. An excellent alternative to those not wanting to subscibe to a pay streaming service such as SlingTV, PSVUE, DIRECTVNOW.

COMET is a new television channel dedicated to sci-fi entertainment offering popular favorites, cult classics, and undiscovered gems, every day. COMET is your exclusive television destination for STARGATE: SG1, STARGATE ATLANTIS, STARGATE UNIVERSE. On day one, we’re starting SG-1 from episode one. Watch COMET and Space Out.

News channels Bloomberg, SkyNews can be watched LIVE online, on YouTube and on the majority of available streaming devices.

More channels?  Check out our directory of FREE LIVE TV channels.