Watch FREE OTA TV Checklist

Watch FREE OTA TV without the cable bill

Don’t over-think/over-spend on latest HDTV antenna tech.  FREE over-the-air tv has always been around.   Nothing new. The same old rabbit-ears WILL WORK.


  1. Check Reception Maps for stations in your area
    • 50mi. from tower is key for the novice/indoor/DIY antenna user
  2.  If channels in your area, buy or build a  $0 DIY  antenna may work.
    • Hook to TV.
    • Scan for channels.
    • You may get some or all the channels “advertised” in your area. 👍
  3. If you get all the channels without pixelation.  That’s it!  Enjoy FREE TV.  No need to spend more.
    • A few channels missing, pixelated?  RESEARCH before buying a new antenna or amp.

TipFor towers are >50miles from your house,  outdoor or professional installation may be needed.