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Airy TV is the entertainment destination for watching 100% Free TV, Movies, Comedy, Anime, Sports, all your entertainment in one place. Free TV made simple.

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Available on:
  • Website Website
  • AppleTV
  • ChromeCast w/GoogleTV
  • Fire TV
  • Roku
    • Non-Certified code:  XDTHQLV 
  • Android Mobile
  • iOS Mobile
Latest Updates

Holiday Cartoons on Channel 21Mister Ed TV will be available on CH 78
The Wild Wild West has joined the line up on CH 26
The Phil Silvers Show! Watch now on all platforms on CH 77
Tech TV is now on CH 105
50’s Classics channel on CH 24
Gordon Ramsey’s Hell Kitchen on CH 118

 Attention Roku users! You can test Airy TV’s beta application with this code: XDTHQLV 

Airy TV Media LLC “Showfer Media” is an online service provider linking to entertainment content (“Content”) from popular online hosting sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion (“Third Party Sites”). We follow the Terms of Service and/or Terms of Use (“Third Party Terms”) required by such sites.


How to add Airy TV’s channel to Roku: A Guide

  • Log in to Roku via web through laptop or mobile device
  • Add Airy TV as a private channel with the following code:  XDTHQLV 
  • That’s it! Please note that the reason why you don’t see all of Airy TV’s channels is because Roku does not accept YouTube content as a source thus cutting out a majority of channels.
  • Channels will have to be remade with a different source. With one person behind content and COVID please understand that we estimate some months or longer. Thank you (source: Facebook Group)


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Trevor H.

I just added Airy.Tv to my Roku. Love the channels, works great, easy to use. I hope in the future you can add….. Beverly Hills 90210, Baywatch, Charlie’s Angels, Good Times an 80’s / 90’s channel, teen shows .

Last edited 3 days ago by Trevor H.

How do you add Airy to Roku as a private channel?


Login to your online roku account at Add channel code:XDTHQLV



Used the website first (problems with very low volume and video streaming STOPPING REPEATEDLY after about 4 minutes) then added it to ROKU.

Very excited to see ‘Moonlighting’ on Ch 57/website — but no such channel via ROKU.
Lots of bugs to work out but Airy TV shows promise.


I’m just wondering what shows are on Airy. I just learned of it.


Very similar to Pluto tv. 5 movie channels with Action, Horror, Classics, Sci-Fi, Westerns. Lineup changes constantly.

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