FREE✅ local TV stations on your smartphone, laptop, or by streaming to your TV. Southern California • Phoenix, AZ • San Francisco Bay Area.

Local BTV has 25 or more channels, including local programming, Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish-language channels, shopping channels and more. Plus there’s an cloud DVR to record and play programs with 300 hours of storage.

Developer info:

Discover local broadcast television! (LocalBTV currently does not include major national network affiliates.)

For Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area and Phoenix residents only, simply launch and you’re live! LocalBTV streams local broadcast TV stations live to your Roku. The app is free and includes 25 or more live, local TV channels. Plus LocalBTV has a cloud DVR! Record your favorite shows and watch them on your schedule!

Channel surf by selecting left or right on the Roku remote, and use the fast-scrolling guide to find out when your favorite programs are on.

LocalBTV has 25 or more local channels, including local programming, comedies, family-friendly channels, classic TV and several stations in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean depending on what’s available in your area.