New (& FREE) this WEEK! on Roku

NOTE: We have resumed tracking New on Roku Channels.

Q: Will you be listing ALL NEW Channels?

A: No. Just FREE! Movies & TV and we may miss a few during our search by us and our viewers. Faith-based channels will only be added upon request. No screensaver channels

Q: What happened to the NEW category on the Roku Streaming Device?

A: Roku removed the NEW category from the online and streaming device Channel Store and replaced with New & Notable category of select channels. We can only speculate, but the new on Roku category was likely being abused by low-quality/low-content/made-for-ads channels. Channels got high visibility for a week or two for quick ad-revenue. Once the channel dropped off the charts, the channel was republished under a new name and the same rinse-repeat cycle continued. Only solution was for Roku to remove the all new category and replace it with New & NOTABLE of select channels.

Q: How to +ADD and Watch FREE?

A: Search for and +ADD channel from the Streaming Store on the Roku player or install from channelstore on the web.
A: We provide a link to the online ChannelStore for each channel we list

Q: Will there be ADS on any of the listed FREE Channels?

A: Probably. Many FREE channels are “ad-infested”. Easy to grab public domain classics off of, make a free channel, serve ads and make $$$.

Q: What is the difference between public & non-certified?

A: Public channels have met Roku’s publishing criteria and can be found in the online ChannelStore and on the Roku Device
A: Non-certified channels are typically pre-release beta/developer channels. Developers may release a channel code for public testing to a small group of viewers. Like us!

Looking for Non-Certified Beta•Developer Channels? Full list


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