Non-Certified | Private Roku Channels


Ixerm – Twitch viewers coming to Mixer Now that Ninja moved to mixer and with that platform starting to grow Watch Mixer on Roku! Q:  Are there any unsupported/supported/open source attempts for the Roku streaming device? A:  Yes.  Very basic viewing only experience Source:  Install as …

Roku Private Channels

2020 Non-Certified | Private Channels Watch on ROKU® Q: Why would a developer choose to release a channel as a private channel as a dedicated access code instead of submitting it to the Official Public Channel/App Store? A: A few reasons: The channel isn’t ready for …


Nohzdyve Game “Nohzdyve” from “Bandersnatch” that is on Netflix. This is pure Brightscript using roScreen.


EERIE LATE NIGHT The best from the current horror hosting genre as well as exclusive hosts and content some of which can not be seen anywhere else.

The Odeon Theater

The Odeon Theater Welcome to the Odeon Theater, your home for the best in classic, cult and independent films of all genres. Now available on Roku.    

Whats On?

Whats On? Displays TV and movie theater listings, showtimes and trailers, for a specified US zip code or Canadian post code:


MyChannels A home screen channel organizer and launcher. It allows you to group all of the channels currently installed on your Roku into logical groups for faster and easier access to your favorites.