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PlayNowMedia is a premium OTT publishing platform. We own and operate dozens of  AVOD & SVOD channels, including general wide audience channels and highly target niche ones. All AVOD content is brand-safe, unskippable and 100% viewable.


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Watch hundreds of free channels, thousands of movies, and TV shows. All for Free.

Classic Sci-fi Movie Channel

Experience the best classic science fiction films, TV shows, and serials from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.


Browse through the wide selection of movies or TV shows out there, to see if they are available for streaming at any of your favorite video services.


Moonflix is the Netflix of classic films. We give users the unique ability to watch films by year, as if watching a film timeline.

KOOL-TV Live Stream

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Scripps News – Newsy

Newsy is now Scripps News! Watch Scripps News' live news programming FREE 24/7 using your TV antenna or favorite streaming device.

Dark Matter TV

Dark Matter TV provides the viewing experience that genre fans actually want in your favorite genres: Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, & True Crime.

Canela TV

FREE series, movies, sports, documentaries, telenovelas and more international entertainment in Spanish and English.

Link TV

Global news, uncompromising documentaries, and diverse cultural programs, connecting you to the world.