Uncle Earl’s Classic TV

Uncle Earl's Classic TVA free library of streaming videos of Classic TV Shows and old movies, arranged into a catalog to make it easy to find your favorite old shows. Hosted on the Internet Archive, YouTube, Google Videos, Vimeo and countless other video streaming services. There are about 25,000 individual programs available as of June 2017.

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TV Programs and Movies collected by hundreds of contributors and lovingly deposited in the Internet Archive and other video sharing sites to share with the World. This is a library of that collective work, which contains over 25,000 individual programs, and will continue to grow as the librarian finds more and more shows to feature.

Website is a hot mess of categories, but you will find 100’s of public domain classics on the Internet Archive for streaming free.  Uncle Earl’s Classic TV is web-only. Just fun browsing the site for old show.

Uncle Earl's Classic TV 1Open UECTV  in a 3rd party mobile cast app and cast-to-TV.

Uncle Earl's Classic TV 2

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