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EIFTV offers free educational, informational, and fun movies and TV shows for the whole family!

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Stream 2000+ TV series, shows, movies, live soccer matches, election coverage, breaking news alerts & weather channels for free!


The ONLY kids streaming app backed by Common Sense Media, SENSICAL is SAFE, AGE APPROPRIATE.


Watch Uninterrupted TV and Movies for Free.

Dark Matter TV

Dark Matter TV provides the viewing experience that genre fans actually want in your favorite genres: Sci-Fi, Horror, Action, & True Crime.


FreeTV es la aplicación de streaming que te ofrece miles de horas de entretenimiento. ¿Y lo mejor de todo? ¡Es gratis! Descarga FreeTV.

Segi TV

Segi.tv provides a collection of the classical movies not modified from their original versions.


South Africa’s first FREE TV service with over 200 video plus music channels and live streaming radio stations.

ForLifeTV Network

To provide a place where families and individuals worldwide can find entertaining, inspirational and educational programming.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Free entertainment and lifestyle destination from mysteries to miracles, comedy to true crime, the Royal family to RomComs.